Who Shapes History? We Do

Is it already the second Sunday in May?

It may be that I’ve simply been too busy to notice, or that I’ve reached a new state of zen. Either way, I thought it was important to take a moment from my packing to highlight a story that my better half had waiting next to my cup of coffee this morning.

The San Jose Mercury News print edition contained a story titled,”Taking Mother’s Day Back.” In it, the reporter shares the genesis of this day — an antiwar protest — and asked how it was that we’d gotten so far aware from its original intent.

She reminds us that one of the early champions of the day “spent every last penny of her fortune to stop what she perceived as the crass commercialization of the occasion.”

What really struck me most about the piece, though, was this message: do not lose control of the narrative. The reporter quotes Katie Orenstein, founder of New York’s OpEd Project:

It’s about who tells the story. That’s who shapes our history. Women do not tell the stories. Whoever controls the story controls the central conversations of our age. That’s who narrates the world. That’s who assigns meaning to our lives. That’s who has a voice.”

Let’s not lose sight of the inspiring narratives of the many warm, nurturing and wonderful women (not just those who call themselves mother) who enrich our lives every day. Our stories matter.

p.s. I’ll be sitting down today and toasting all of the nurturing women I’ve come to know through this blog and through Silent Sorority. Cheers to you!