Seasons of Change … and Another Birthday

Seasons of Change. It’s fast approaching that time of year when I bid farewell to one age and greet another. As of June 12, I’ll formally turn (gasp) 48. I know, right? How did this happen? Ah well, it certainly beats the alternative. I’ve been trying my new age on for size the past couple of weeks. Not aloud, mind you. I’ve decided it’s cheeky and not 50.  That said, I’m going to own 48 and celebrate it — starting in New York. I’ll be speaking at a business conference, visiting friends, and taking in the acclaimed Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon. Looking forward to visiting a great city.

Record breaking in a way that I could do without. It’s June 4 and it’s pouring rain in the San Francisco Bay area. I’m not accustomed to whining about the weather, but it’s not just today that the grey skies have opened up. It’s been doing this rain thing (normally seen only in the winter) for the past few months — more on than off — accompanied by unseasonably cool temps. Temperatures have been running 10 to 20 degrees below normal this year. Since this girl is solar-powered all this abnormal weather makes me grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. This is not why I moved to California. The Mediterranean climate is what makes paying ridiculously high taxes and housing prices easier to stomach. Not much relief in sight. Here’s what the San Francisco Chronicle has to say about this history-making weather:

“The last time it rained this much in June, the Summer of Love was just beginning. And it might even be as wet as it was 127 years ago when residents were driving horse-and-buggies and the big social phenomenon of the moment was the Industrial Revolution.”

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Speaking of days gone by…

Midnight in Paris. If you haven’t seen it, run don’t walk to the movie theater. It’s a film to be savored. It beguiles and amuses and sends your imagination soaring. The sights and sounds of Paris in any age are intoxicating, but the film is also chock full of insights. Among them: embrace the life you have; make your own golden age (an idea that will make more sense after you see the movie). Later, sharing a bottle of Italian Barbera wine over dinner, the film contents provided me and Alex with the fuel to stoke our own dreams–including getting more serious about a trip we’d like to take someday to South Africa and Pilanesberg, a national park set in the crater of a long extinct volcano.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos of our April 2008 visit to Paris, which I revisited this morning after awakening with images of the city and of the magic we experienced there.

Paris 2008
Pamela in Paris 2008


Place de la Concorde
Notre Dame
The Eiffel Tour at Twilight
The Eiffel Tour at Twilight
Charcuterie plate, St-Germain des Pres cafe
Charcuterie plate, St-Germain des Pres cafe


Now, see the movie and let me know what it inspires in you…

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8 thoughts on “Seasons of Change … and Another Birthday

  1. I hear tickets to BOM are nearly impossible to get — enjoy! We are big Woody Allen fans & will go to see the new movie as soon as it comes to a theatre near us. It’s only playing at about two theatres downtown at the moment. :p

  2. 48 is not so bad. It’s 49 I’m worried about. And we won’t even talk about the next one!

    I loved your photos of Paris, and I can’t wait to see the movie. I was also in Paris in 2008 (I woke up in the middle of the night to check the US election results), and it’s time to go back!

    And if you haven’t been to South Africa before, you will love it. Went in 2009 and desperately want to go back. Blogged about it here, if you’re interested.

  3. Raissa

    I always start rounding up my age (out loud!) 6 months before my birthday. This summer when I actually turn 45, it will be a non-event ;)

  4. Kate B

    48 is easy. 49, not so bad. But now – I’m working on embracing 50. I hear there will be discounts.

  5. just wanted to wish you a VERY happy birthday! sounds like a wonderful trip planned. book of mormon is supposed to be fabulous. enjoy, and cheers!

  6. Pamela

    @Luna: Thanks much, my friend. Hope we get to see each other this summer…
    @ Raissa: Funny! I started doing the same thing about two months ago. My new mantra: “48 is Great!”
    @ Kate B: Bring on the discounts
    @ Loribeth: Hope you’ve seen the movie by now…glad we got our BOM tix before the Tony nominations.
    @Mali: New Zealand is also on our wish list — just need more time! Maybe we’ll rendez-vous one day?

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