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Mothers Day
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Mother’s Day? It’s Complicated

Mother’s Day is far from black and white. For many it’s stress-inducing and, simply, complicated. I know. A decade or more ago around early May I would do my best to tune out. First I adopted a bunker mentality.  Then came humor. In 2009 I solicited greeting card ideas for women who don’t fit neatly […]

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Tapestry of Voices

M.O.M. — From Today Forward It Means ‘Mentor of Many’

Long-time readers will recall that one particular three-letter word once had the power to torment me. It prompted off-the-chart levels of irritation approaching the second Sunday in May. For instance, you may remember the time in 2009 I asked for reader input on greeting card ideas that we’d never find as a way to let […]

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