Sorority Smorgasbord

Floaty, muddle-headed, dazed. That pretty well describes me today, compliments of a sinusitis, decongestants and irregular sleep. Yet, being the type-A, gotta be productive, restless kind of gal that I am, I hatched an action plan: Surf, browse and catalog. Fortunately, it requires little in the way of exertion, minimal brain function and serves a purpose both today and in the future. This won’t be exhaustive by any means but it’s a start. I give you the beginnings of the Sorority Blogger directory – many written under pseudonyms or first names.

And on that topic, like my muddled head needs anymore help being confused, I see some of you for real on Facebook, some in comments and/or related communities using one name and others using blog names. Help a girl out, please.  If you’re so inclined, and haven’t done so already, friend me on Facebook (and send me a private message with your online particulars) so I can try to align the various aliases and faces — not for publication if you prefer anonymity but for my own peace of mind.

Finally, I’d like to offer a shout-out to Lisa Manterfield who made my day with her latest post. Thanks, too, to those who commented, And now to the blogs of some seriously wonderful women:

B – thoughtful and spirited

Belette Rouge – complex and deep

– inquisitive and thought-provoking

Christina Gombar – a whip-smart societal observer and writer

Emily – warm and passionate

Jules – optimistic and pragmatic

Kathryn – healing and spiritual

Kristin (aka Msfitzita) – Certainly Not Cool Enough To Blog — oh, but she is and then some

READ  Strong? Stronger Than Ever, Thank You Very Much

Illanare – searching and soulful

Lily – supportive and curious

Lisa Manterfield
– edgy and fun-loving (and author of a soon to be released memoir — more on that soon)

– reflective and expressive

Marci – energetic and creative

Rach (aka Miss Ruby) – fearless and fresh

Soapchick – artistic and forward-looking

Sweet Pea – sassy and focused (can you be both?)

Wendy – adventuresome and driven

As I said, this directory is just the beginning. If you don’t see your blog listed here, I invoke the decongestant defense. Please add your name and your link to the comments section and I’ll update when I’m back to 100%.