‘Non-moms’ Often Forced to Contemplate and Carve out Their Own Unique Space and Meaning



Non-moms recognized? Read on …


That opening paragraph grabbed me. Did it grab, you, too? Truly, I didn’t expect this acknowledgement to make it into print, but it did.

I stumbled upon this reference to ‘non-moms’ in a story because Silent Sorority garnered a mention in a feature about Dolly Parton.  (And that alone is mind-boggling!)


It’s a great beginning to 2018, wouldn’t you say, when the world opens to consider a very real and not always easy path in life?  Yes, it is safe to say that ‘non-moms’ are often forced to contemplate and carve out their own unique space and meaning.

Alex posted the piece on Facebook where I wrote: “I continue to learn there are many dimensions and paths to living a fulfilled and fully engaged life.

A friend and longtime blog reader who is now raising a child wrote: “I find myself so irked every time someone says ‘x is the most important job on earth’ or ‘x is the most powerful love we can experience.’ I want us all to widen the embrace for all experiences and see the richness, beauty, value, heartache, and joy in everything.”

Could not agree more! I hope you all are embracing the same philosophy. I know that in this new year, I plan to do so.  2018 has started with a bang — from writing assignments to travel plans to making our newly remodeled house a home.  It certainly feels as though the time is ripe for change. Like many I watched the speech given by Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes award show earlier this week and thought, yep, another non-mom who is inspiring and pushing for a new day.

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There are many inspiring women in our online community — and in real life — whom I plan to engage and feature in a new blog series to build upon this theme of carving out unique spaces and meaning.

As always, I welcome your comments.