My Online Introduction to Louise Joy Brown

As I wrote in this new essay published on Medium, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the lives of Louise Joy Brown, now 37-years old and residing in Bristol, England, and mine finally intersected.Louise Joy BrownJessica Hepburn, noted UK author and blogger, was the one who brought us together in a blog post titled Test Tube Tales. Soon thereafter, Louise Joy Brown favorited this Tweet.

Our ‘six degrees of separation’ introduction began because Jessica was kind enough to read and blog about my latest ebook, Finally Heard. She finished it the very same week she learned that Louise Joy Brown’s autobiography, My Life as the World’s First Test-Tube Baby, became available.

“Finally Heard explores her perspective ten years on. One of the things that struck me most when reading it is that we’re living in unchartered times. Pamela was one of the first women to speak publicly about the prevalence and impact of fertility treatment failure in a world where the media is much more interested in the miracle baby story. Louise Brown is, of course, queen of miracles and the first in a line of new generations to speak out about how it feels to be given life by science.”

I’m all the more grateful for Jessica’s time because she has been busy training for what can only be described as an impressive and daunting challenge: swimming the English Channel.  Her effort, which she describes in more detail here, is “for two causes close to my heart – for families who do not have the children they long for and children who do not have the families they deserve.”

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I’m supporting Jessica in this noble cause. I’d encourage you to consider joining me.

Now, over to you blog readers. Would you like to share any experiences with six degrees of separation?

p.s. Just recalled one other point of intersection with me and Louise: Bourn Hall, the clinic where her parents sought treatment, asked me earlier this year to contribute to the clinic’s blog. My piece, When Is It Time to Move Away From IVF Treatment, can be found here.