M.O.M. — From Today Forward It Means ‘Mentor of Many’

Long-time readers will recall that one particular three-letter word once had the power to torment me.

It prompted off-the-chart levels of irritation approaching the second Sunday in May. For instance, you may remember the time in 2009 I asked for reader input on greeting card ideas that we’d never find as a way to let off some steam. (I recognize we’re late here in North America. This particular marketing mayhem arrives in March for the British, some current and many former colonies and some European countries.)

Happily, with the latest online technology tracking my every click and my spam filter getting smarter with each passing year the once bothersome advertisements are a shadow of their former selves.  Helping matters further, I’m just not as bothered as I once was by the besotted ‘momminess’ that took root and grew like mad the past decade or more.

This sentiment was echoed in Tracey’s latest post on the impending royal birth. In short, we have moved on. Hence the baby bump coverage and the marketing blitzes we endured a few years ago just don’t feel as egregious as they once did. And, might I add, that is absolutely fabulous!

A hearty thanks, also, to the nerds, geeks and algorithm tinkerers who have zeroed in on my online preferences and lifestyle. While you know much more about me than I would have ever thought possible (and that’s sorta creepy) you have made my online experience much more enjoyable as a result.

Furthermore, that torment I spoke of earlier? That was then.  This is now…

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I also decided it was time open up our thinking.  I am officially seizing control of those three letters.  From this day forward M.O.M. belongs to all women who generously contribute their talents, their care and their time in service to others.

Hitherto, I declare M.O.M and the off-putting self-importance it once commanded so last decade. Heck even the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey found nearly half of women between the ages of 15 and 44 did not have kids in 2014, up from 46.5% in 2012 to 47.6% in 2014.

Therefore, I officially expand the meaning of said word to encompass a broader cross-section of women.square

M.o.M. from this day forward now means: Mentor of Many.

When I see an advertisement asking me to remember “Mom” … I will instinctively think about Mali, Cristy, Mel, Marni, Angela, Lisa, Loribeth, Andrea, Keiko, Tracey, Klara, Catherine, Amel, Cathy, Kathy, Renee, Lara, Amy, Jody, Kait, Carolyn, Melanie, Kristen, Justine, Lori, Rachel, Karen, Kirsten, Gabrielle, Lesley, Kymberli, Jessica, Kathleen, Sarah, Kinsey, (Misfit — I realized I do not know your first name!)… those are just the few blogger names that popped to mind, but the list goes on and on and on and spills into offline life as well.

What do all these women share in common? A desire to be the best they can be and to make the world a better place than the one they came into.

They are the embodiment of the idea: Mentor of Many.

Now, dear readers, tell me about one of your favorite M.O.Ms and what makes her so special.