Looking Out for Our Sisters In a World of False Fertility Claims

While my gray roots benefited from a rich brunette color drenching in a new hair salon recently a younger stylist handed me a glass of champagne. She was not my usual go-to hair expert so there was the usual get-to-know-you chitchat. (Yes, I decided to splurge a bit this time around since it was the eve of my 14th anniversary to Mr. T.)

It wasn’t long before that question turned up. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to go into details, so I responded simply: “unfortunately, my husband and I weren’t able to have children.” Fortunately, this line of discussion was interrupted because it was time for a foot bath, a luxurious indulgence as my new and improved hair color set in.

My brain, however, is buzzing today on the complexity of fertility and society, which is why I’d like to highlight a few links to posts and articles gathered this past week. Much as I wish they were required reading for women who aren’t yet worried about gray hair, I share them here in the hopes that the search engines and those of you who follow this blog will pass them along. Among the key messages contained in these links:

  •  Let’s not forget our emotional well being when we’re swept up in the “you’re not trying hard enough” refrain that surrounds us.
  • Society needs a reset on its misguided conventional wisdom that all infertility is cure-able. Despite marketing claims to the contrary many who pursue fertility treatment don’t succeed.
  • Feminism isn’t the reason women like me (and many others like me) don’t have children.
  • Egg freezing is far from a sure thing; buyer beware!
  • New studies point to health risks among artificially conceived infants.
  • There’s a biological clock for men, too.
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Now, pour a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and take a spin around the Internet with me.

First up, a blog post I wrote for the Seleni Insitute: Ignoring Your Inner Child During Infertility.

From Tanya Selvaratnam, author of a new book The Big Lie: Motherhood, Feminism, and the Reality of the Biological Clock, you’ll find this opinion piece for CNN: Opinion: Women don’t need any more Big Lies

Jody Day featured a guest post on egg freezing penned by Miriam Zoll: The Egg Freezing Scam?

Miriam has been busy lately! More of her journalistic work can also be be found on Reporting on Health: Stillbirths and Infant Health Risks Higher in California’s Artificially Conceived Infants

Also on the topic of reproductive health, NBC News had this report: Older Dads at Risk of Passing Along Mental Disorders, Study Says.

As always, welcome your thoughts and links to other important new truth telling around fertility. Consider it a public service for the young women and men who can benefit from our collective wisdom.