Gratitude Inventory: Freedom, Romance and Much More

The leaves on our trees have reached crimson in their last best performance before taking their inevitable fall. Holiday ads are proliferating. I’ve just gathered all the canned goods and non-perishables we’re not going to consume any time soon for the local food drive. The days are growing ever shorter. The Detroit Lions (yes, I remain a hometown fan) are gearing up for their annual Thanksgiving Day football match.

It seemed only right and proper to partake in a gratitude inventory. In no particular order, here are just some of the many, many things I’m thankful for…


  • Sleep — the really good, uninterrupted, restful kind
  • Living in a country where girls can grow up to realize their full potential
  • Jon Stewart and The Daily Show
  • Coffee
  • Watching the Michigan Wolverines with my best guy
  • Spontaneity and the freedom to move in new directions 
  • Documentary film producers, along with the writers, production teams and performers at HBO, Showtime, AMC who continually turn out great original programming
  • Good health (yikes, now I know I’m well into middle age — I didn’t much notice my health in earlier years)
  • High thread count sheets
  • A really good effortless hair day
  • Slovenia, and my online bloggie pal (now BFF), who made visiting this gem of a country earlier in the year an unforgettable, delightful adventure
  • Whoever invented meatloaf
  • The therapeutic effects of a deep belly laugh
  • Friends and family who not only enrich my life but patiently put up with my idiosyncrasies
  • Romantic, cozy wine bars
  • The Internet and the way it opens up new ideas and new connections around the world


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Now, your turn…